Ping-Hotel's Application(I had to put it on website because he couldent get on)

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Ping-Hotel's Application(I had to put it on website because he couldent get on)

Post by SimplyAwesome on Wed Feb 19, 2014 5:23 am

Steam Name: PIng-Hotel
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:57638915
PosItIon ApplyIng for (Operator, AdmIn) Lower the rank easIer to be accepted: Operator
Current Rank (Watcher, Operator): User
Age: 14
Why would you be a good member of staff?: Because I already been a TMOD on NPIGamers before. I know al the rules, and I know all the KOS zones. I know how to handle In certaIn sItuatIons.
[Roughly]When dId you start playIng UG?: To be honest, I dont know. I thInk I play It
Copy thIs For JaIlbreak!
1[DETAIL]How would you deal wIth a mIc spammer?: Gag, then Ill tell hIm to stop. And then ungag hIm. When he Is keep goIng on Ill gag hIm for the whole round. Then ungag, when he keeps goIng on I ban hIm for 2 hours reason: Keep goIng on after warnIngs.
2[DETAIL]How would you deal wIth a mass RDMer?: 1 Week ban Depends, on severIty
3[DETAIL]How would you deal wIth a person who accIdentally RDMs a prIsoner?: Normaly what I would do Is Slay hIm and gIve hIm a warnIng, then ban hIm for 1 day.
4[DETAIL]How would you deal wIth someone usIng speed hacks?: Permanent ban, hackIng Is hackIng!
5[DETAIL]What would you do If you saw another member of staff beIng too harsh?:I would ungag hIm and the admIn stop beeIng that hard
6[DETAIL]How would you deal wIth a person that IntentIonally RDM'd a prIsoner?: First give a warning, after that i would ban him for 2 days. Because i already gaved a warning.
Do you promIse to always be frIendly to players and that beIng staff Isn't just about punIshIng people?: Yes, because. Beeing staff isn't always Punishing, it is knew as helping people, and let them enjoy the server. When someone does something wrong, u could give a warning first. Because they might dont know the rules, i show them how to see the rules. I could help them instead of inmiditly punish them.

Do you understand the responsIbIlIty of beIng a staff?: Yes I do.
Have you read the Offences and PunIshment guIde?: Yes I dId.
(GhostIng: Mute/Gag
Warden restrIctIng usage of chat: Slay next round
IntentIonal freeday: 1 day ban


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Re: Ping-Hotel's Application(I had to put it on website because he couldent get on)

Post by FreeTehChickens on Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:38 pm

Your application was denied for the following reasons:
-Lack of detail and incorrect answers in some aspects.
Please improve on those points and re-apply in 5 days from this response.
Best regards-
UG staff team. 

Your application is now pending. You don't have to do anything but we will give a final response.

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