VIP+Handbook (How to be a good player)

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VIP+Handbook (How to be a good player) Empty VIP+Handbook (How to be a good player)

Post by FreeTehChickens on Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:00 am

VIP+ Handbook

So the servers been running for a while now and I decided it’s time to create something people can refer to whilst being on the server.

About becoming staff.
It’s an absolute must for staff to user Grammar whilst in-game, it gains respect and just makes you look like a better person. I know it seems hard to become a member of staff but it should be. It’s hard to accept every application so we have to be harsh. All staff members should be calm whilst dealing with players and should not get angry easily with players if they’re being mean to you or hurting your feeling etc…

How to deal with situations!

Obviously we can’t give every situation so use common sense, when dealing with players. You should always be kind and give enough warning. Let’s say someone’s played nicely all day and RDMS one prisoner. Don’t go mad and slay him, understand it was an accident and it probably won’t happen again. If it does multiple times then slay him. Always remember it’s up to your interpretation to take action or not. If you want to get Staff do the same thing, give them chances and report them if they don’t listen.

About Abuse
Sometimes you get people that occasionally abuse-Staff or just VIPs. Sometimes it’s accidental or it’s intentional. We do not allow intentional abuse. If it happens the player will suffer a permanent ban of Staff and a 5 day server ban. However if it’s accidental it’s up to our interpretation.
Thanks, FreeTehChickens.

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